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Free photos, presentations and brochure templates for churches - ChristianPhotos.net is a resource for christian webmasters and designers. All high resolution photos can be utilized freely for christian purposes. Most of the pictures can be printed up to a poster size. Brochure and PowerPoint templates have been added to the site recently.

Free photos for christian purposes

Christian Stock Photography

Free Photos for Churches

ChristianPhotos.net is a leap of faith. Everything is free - you can download high resolution stock photography for Christian purposes without having to pay anything - expenses are covered by donations and ads. The vision of ChristianPhotos.net is simple: We want to help churches to publish better material for spreading the word of Gospel. Read our Statement of Faith. Click here to apply for a free account.

Document templates are here!

I have added some Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates today. This was a natural next step as most people download photos to make church presentations. Click preview image to start immediate download...scroll down to see the new templates.

User feedback

User feedback

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ChristianPhotos.net has over 20,000 registered users. There is so much feedback that I cannot read it all, sorry about that... Here's some feedback from the users:

"Photos are used in church bulletins and brochures. Thank you for making it possible for a little church to have great publications."

"We thank you for your web-site and greatly apprciate your work in the ministry. Know that you are contributing to a part of what we are doing here, and that each soul saved will go on your account as well."

User feedback

User feedback

"I have written one Christian book and it is advertised on the website but desire to use your photos on the website. My hope is to encourage struggling Christians to draw closer to God through my website and its weekly letters of encouragement."

"Use photos in our church slide shows... youth group presentations...church web site etc. I am a newly retired person with an art background and a desire to put that talent to work for the Lord. Thanks!"

"I am responsible for the design and layout of a missionary organisation's quarterly newsletter. They don't have their own dedicated professional photographer and I sometimes need photographs of an ethnic nature. Thank you!"

Free High Resolution Photos

Figure, Helsinki
Keywords: Figure, Helsinki
Download a free photo

Keywords: Flower
Download a free photo

Jesus child, Maria, St Gilgen, Austria
Keywords: Jesus child, Maria, St Gilgen, Austria
Download a free photo

Night, harbour, Helsinki, city
Keywords: Night, harbour, Helsinki, city
Download a free photo

Christmas, decorations
Keywords: Christmas, decorations
Download a free photo

Monaco, night, boats, water
Keywords: Monaco, night, boats, water
Download a free photo

Flower, rose, red
Keywords: Flower, rose, red
Download a free photo

Cross, bible
Keywords: Cross, bible
Download a free photo

Ancient, castle, Sirmione
Keywords: Ancient, castle, Sirmione
Download a free photo

Free PowerPoint Templates for Churches
Instructions: Click the image or link to download a zip file. The zip file contains both PowerPoint 2003 (ppt) and PowerPoint 2007 (pptx) files. The graphics can be edited with PowerPoint 2007.
More templates for churches: PowerPoint1.net

PowerPoint template: Holy Spirit
Keywords: Dove, Holy Spirit
Download a free PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template: Cross
Keywords: Cross, Galvary
Download a free PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template: Jesus
Keywords: Jesus...
Download a free PowerPoint Template

Free MS Word Templates for Churches
Instructions: Click the image or link to download a zip file. The zip file contains both Word 2003 (doc) and Word 2007 (docx) files in two different sizes: A4 and Letter size. You can make a 4-page brochure with this template.
More templates for churches: PowerPoint1.net

Word template: I am the light of the world
Keywords: I am the light of the world
Download a free brochure template

Word template: Prayer and a bible
Keywords: Prayer and a bible
Download a free brochure template

Word template: Bible and a candle
Keywords: Bible and a candle
Download a free brochure template

About this site

ChristianPhotos.net was established as a combination of two hobbies - photography and web site desing. The goal is to offer free photos for christian web site designers and print media in a user friendly manner. ChristianPhotos.net has over 17,000 registered users from more than 40 countries. Recently I added PowerPoint templates and brochure templates to the service as there seems to be a burning need for these in the churches. I hope you don't mind the advertisements of PowerPoint1 in these pages. This is a commercial website I am running.

How to download a free photo?

Users are required to register before making a high resolution photo download. This is done to avoid misuse of the photos. You need to take the following steps when downloading a free photo:

  1. Register for a free account. Use this form.
  2. Select the photo you want to download and log in.
  3. Read the terms of use and tell us where you are going to use the photo
  4. Download the photo


Feedback from the users

We hope to hear from you. Where are the photos used for? What is your background? Some of the users have submitted the following feedback:

"We are missionaries overseas and wish to use these photos in a new book we are writing. Thank you for this beautiful service!"

"I'm making promotional videos for church missions trips and conferences."

"I am a volunteer tech person for a small church in Carson City, NV. I'm going to be designing our church's pamphlets and flyers."

"Need a picture for a banner that I am creating for my church. Something that is inspirational and welcoming..."

"I am using the photos in church presentations, tracts and information leaflets"

"I plan to use the photos in a Christian dvd slideshow presentation about a missions trip..."

ChristianPhotos.net - free photos for christian publications

ChristianPhotos.net offers free high resolution photos for churches and christian organizations. The photos can be used in advertisements, program booklets, bulletins, invitations, newsletters, religious education materials, flyers, posters and any other project for which photos are needed. Most of the high resolution photos can be printed up to a poster size. ChristianPhotos.net is also a free resource for christian web site designers and webmasters. PowerPoint and brochure templates have also been added to the service recently.

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